Generator sets for agriculture 

GENELEC generator sets provide a reliable energy response to power your farm.The need for electricity is essential for agriculture at all stages of the agricultural production chain: from the preparation of production inputs to storage practices, conservation, industrialization and distribution.

Plant production

For example, irrigation equipment is widely used in agricultural areas. Pivot irrigation significantly improves productivity and maintains a quality crop. However, for this irrigation to occur, irrigation pivots need electricity to pump water. In some cases, producers want to increase irrigated areas, but the company that provides the electricity for the region cannot always meet the demand, leaving the related producers.

Generator sets for agriculture and livestock

Livestock production 

The consequences of a power outage in a livestock building could be fatal for the production. Farmers must be equipped with gensets able to provide a backup power to ensure continuity in the event of a breakdown in the distribution system. The survival of production and the operation of all equipment (milking robot, milk tank, silo screws, electric pumps, ventilation, etc.) depend on it. For example, a henhouse without electricity and therefore without light and ventilation will see its hen production slow down significantly in the short term and disappear in the long term.

These facts highlight the importance of using generators in the agricultural sector, both to maintain productivity and to conduct field activities. The main concerns of this sector concern the reliability, availability and efficiency of the operation of machinery and equipment such as: livestock buildings, refrigerators, slaughterhouses, irrigation, milking in alpine pastures, silo structures, ventilation... To guarantee the autonomy of these operations, even in the event of a power outage on the part of the public service, it is necessary to invest in a safe electricity network, ensuring that everything continues to operate without loss.

Service & Know How

For more than 15 years GENELEC has been supplying generator sets for farmers of all sizes. In fact, GENELEC, with its extensive experience in the sector, always makes its specialised technical team available to the client to provide advice, and to offer the best possible solution for each project.