Generator Sets for the Oil & Gas Industry

This industry is in the spotlight in many parts of the world. Continents such as America have large oilfields that require a reliable energy response. GENELEC gas generator sets have become one of the main energy solutions for stakeholders in the oil and gas market. These generator sets, with power ranging from 10 to 2,500kw, undergo testing to guarantee uninterrupted operation.

GENELEC supports the oil and gas sector as it grows

In 2020, the generator set market in the oil and gas sector is expected to be worth 2.03 billion dollars. This strong growth will mainly be in Latin America, the Middle East, India and Africa. Not to mention China, which will see the strongest growth worldwide.

Gas generator sets powered by environmentally-friendly fuels

Generator sets from 10 to 2,500kw, powered by gas of various compositions. We guarantee savings in running and maintenance costs with robust engines that meet the strictest emissions standards. 

01. Safety

Gas train. For safe operation of the equipment in compliance with regulations.

02. ACES system

System incorporated by PSI to reduce derating with associated gas and thus avoid power loss.

03. Canopy

Special anti-corrosion treatment and acoustic insulation with high-density rock wool (143 kg/m3 - 50 mm thick).

04. Know-how

Many years of experience in the manufacture of generator sets for the international market.

Tren de gas

In its generators, GENELEC incorporates a gas train with a manual valve, gas filter, pressure regulator, double solenoid valve, low-pressure gauge, solenoid valve tightness checking, inlet and outlet pressure meter and a special start-up and shutdown sequence designed by our engineering teams.

The gas train complies with all required safety certifications for each country.

Gas filter

Solid particle filter that prevents waste from entering the engine. There are also filters to remove water or H2S.

Pressure regulator

Regulates and stabilises the pressure inlet depending on the engine's requirements. This involves a wide range of pressures from 50 mbar to more than 200 bar. 

Double Solenoid Valve

Low/high-pressure pressure gauge. Detects any drop in pressure in the fuel intake.

Maintenance from 10,000 hours for gas generator sets 

The natural gas-powered GGY-25 generator only needs two maintenance operations throughout its service life.

The service life of this generator is an estimated 30,000 hours until overhaul. This means that it only requires two services throughout its entire working life. The GGY-25 generator, available in 50Hz and 60Hz, is fuelled by natural gas and supplies 25kVA of continuous operation power. Its maintenance intervals, up to 40 times longer than a gas generator set of the same size, make it the perfect model for isolated and hard-to-reach regions. These generator sets are particularly suitable where a continuous supply of clean power is required, like for gas pipelines in Russia.

Non-stop energy in parallel

Our generator sets are designed to work in parallel. They therefore supply uninterrupted power to projects that require a continuous supply. Gas generators have sophisticated controller systems that can activate one or more generators, including remotely, via a FLEET MANAGER. We are also able to send reports via our system on the status of the machine fleet, as well as consumption and all alerts from generators operating on site.